Co-founders Lauren, Elaine and Mia photographed by Janelle Rodriguez Photography

We are a mother-daughter team who found ourselves unexpectedly living together in our family home during the height of the pandemic. Mia, beginning her first year at Boston University virtually; Elaine, a nurse practitioner providing care on the front lines; and Lauren, an HR professional, home from NYC adjusting to remote work. At the end of each day, we looked forward to spending our evenings together, whether watching a movie or talking about our dreams; it was always while wearing our beloved pajamas. 
As the pandemic progressed, we realized the loungewear we once took comfort in unintentionally transformed into an all-purpose wardrobe. Like so many, we were all struggling to get a restful night of sleep. After evaluating and refining our sleep routines, we honed in on our nightwear and began discussing the vital role it plays in the way we feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually. At that moment, we knew we had an opportunity to create sleepwear reserved for one of the most essential occasions of a woman’s day, preparing for rest. 
MEL, named after the first letter of each of its co-founders, is a small-batch label made in NYC and committed to using sustainable materials whenever possible. The designs are inspired by our desire to slip into sleepwear that evokes feelings of femininity, elegance, and tranquility. As women on the go, we strive to inspire our community to invest in creating beautiful evening rituals that make space for reconnection to self each and every night. We are honored that you are here and chose MEL; it is truly our dream come true.